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Our slogan

Friday, June 17th, 2011

I have changed our slogan to an expression that, I am told, I often use.

I’m not at all sure about having one at all – a slogan, a jingle, a catchphrase. ¬†We got a slogan because the blog software proposed one.

I went for the old slogan “A vital resource for poetry” because it is, it seemed to me, the sort of thing that some around me then like to say. It seemed to reflect their delusion that they are substantially changing the world, advancing the species, or whatever it is they think they are doing. It had the advantage of not claiming everything for itself whilst making a pretty big claim; but it left room for other people’s approaches including mine.

One puts up with all sorts of nonsense, from time to time, in order to keep the workshop operative; and if a moderately meaningless slogan helped to achieve that, then I was prepared to do it.

Now that the mediocrity constituency has gone off to form its own series, I question whether the old slogan is appropriate. I’d rather people judged for themselves if what Writers Forum does is vital.

Furthermore, the departed ones have tried to destroy Writers Forum in order that their attempted copy be the only one. So it is more important now, I think, to assert our agenda. In the face of the nasty comedy of their “second series”, I see no point in playing a tune because noisy people like it.

It isn’t that I am against ambition; it is the kind of ambition that concerns me. Indeed, those who have taken it upon themselves to attack what Bob Cobbing built up in order to satisfy their own egos, look anything but ambitious, to me, as they posture.

Lawrence Upton