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Purchase details of Richard Tipping’s book

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Richard’s new book is ready.
The price has to be £7.50 plus p & p; but, at the launch, you can take it away with you for £6.00. NB In order to keep things simple and to encourage you to attend, this only applies at the launch and in person. If you’re not there with the money, it’s £9.00 by post or £7.50 at the next workshop.

Tipping, Richard; Off the page; 40 pp, 20 in colour. Due for publication: 30 October 2010. Scheduled launch date Saturday 30th October 2010 – Richard Tipping, who is based in NSW, Australia, will be present at The Betsey Trotwood that day

£7.50 + £1.50 p & p UK (rates to other countries to be announced)
Price in person on the day £6.00 without p & p


Monday, October 18th, 2010

The next Writers Forum workshop is at The Betsey Trotwood as per usual on 30th October 2010.

We shall be launching Richard Tipping’s new book Off the page in the presence of the artist.

Come along and join us; and meet Richard. All welcome. Admission free

Bring poems of your own! (Not compulsory)

The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road, Clerkenwel, London EC1R 3BL – which is easy enough to get to even when Transport for London does its worst. There are details elsewhere on this blog. A 63 bus (south from Kings X, north from various points!) is reliable

3:30 for 4 p.m.


Monday, October 18th, 2010

Bob Cobbing’s twelve page publication POETRY INTO MUSIC from 1986 will be republished on 30th October 2010. Details of cost and availability in early November.

New publication

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Late – I regret – here are the details of the new Bob Cobbing title

Cobbing, Bob; with our tongue our drils and quadras; 24 pp colour; 6 in. x 4 in.; ISBN 1 84254 051 5; Writers Forum; first published 25th December 2001; 1st reprint 9 October 2010

£6.00 + £1.50 p & p (UK)

I apologise that we still do not have p & p outside of UK. That will follow. Send cheques to Writers Forum, 32 Downside Road, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5HP. I hope there will be a paypal facility very soon. The webshop has been put back due to… events



Monday, October 11th, 2010

I regret that “New Writers Forum” has recently announced itself.

I regret it because they are no such thing. They are new grouping, with a history, trying to steal the name. I dealt with this matter in a recent email to the WF email list saying that I hoped the new group would just get on with it and that there would be no need to mention it again.

Unfortunately, they ignored my reply to them and have gone ahead using the name Writers Forum. They seem to think that having turned up a few times, in some cases, many times in one case once, they are Writers Forum.

I feel there is no choice but to defend what was given into my charge by the man who ran the organisation and to which the secessionists have no claim. [Their argument seems to be that it should be “democratic” and that, as they are in a majority though self-appointed, they are in charge.]

The world at large may ask: Why are you arguing about who owns a poetry series?

Indeed. The sad answer is: on their side, Careerism. There is apparently a tremendous kudos in being attached to Writers Forum. I found out over the summer that there are a number of poets who never turn up who at least allow people to think they attend. They do nothing for WF.

I feel that I have no choice but to speak out. What is the point of working on a project — and I have spent hours today — if you do not defend it?

Personally, as opposed to the convenor of wf, I ask What is the point of writing poetry if you cheat and tell lies?

The newbies seem to think What is the point of setting something up when you can pretend to be / steal what exists. Very 2010

I’ll try not to let this swamp the work of WF and will make some brief remarks in the forthcoming emailing.

The following is the response I have made to the announcement. I imagine now that the excreta will fly. I have seen it before. I have been hit by it before.

“I am very upset to note that a new series of Writers Forum Workshop has been announced by people who are in no position to do so.

Some ex-attendees and non-attendees of the Writers Forum workshop wrote to me after the series started and announced that they were worried about the future of the series, that they were taking over elsewhere and did I want to talk about it.

I wrote back at some length explaining why I had been available to discuss BEFORE they took action but saw no point in talking after they had decided to leave.

I object to being mugged

I chided them for spreading disinformation about the existing and persisting series having closed. I asked them not to fight for the title of WF.

I wished them all the best for the new workshop and suggested that they follow the principles which Writers Forum has followed and developed over many years. But would they please use a title of their own?

It would be a pity if they are unable to think of a new title of their own.

It is a shame if they are hoping to fool people into thinking that they are legitimate in using the title.

We are so few. Can we not avoid another poetry war? The last one was a shambles and failed because of, amongst other things, personal ambition.

I understand the desire to be known for what one has done; but to be known for what other people have done and pretend you did is more than sad. It is dishonest. But very zeitgeist.

It is a tribute to Writers Forum that my ex colleagues want to pretend to be it; but it will make the whole thing look foolish

Couldn’t they, at the least, call themselves _Real Writers Forum_ or _Continuity Writers Forum_?

How about _We’re more innovative than you are_?

Writers Forum is to be found at

New publication

Monday, October 11th, 2010

On Saturday WF republished an undeservedly little-known Bob Cobbing publication, with our tongues and drills and quadras. You may read an edited version of the launch introduction here.

Details of how to purchase the item will be posted her tomorrow.

NB A number of publications queries are outstanding; wf will be in touch in the next few days, with apologies – things have been annoyingly complicated recently


Next workshop

Monday, October 11th, 2010

This is a quick update for those who may not be familiar with the site or us.
Those who are familiar, will learn little! but there is a short emailshot in preparation

The next workshop is at Betsey Trotwood as per usual on 30th October 2010

It will be an unusual event in that we shall have a guest poet with us

Not only that but we hope to launch the new book by our guest, Richard Tipping

Come along and join us. All welcome. Admission free

3:30 for 4 p.m.

Next workshop

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The next WF workshop will be on Saturday 9th October at 3:30 pm for 4 at The Betsey Trotwood on Farringdon Road

See instructions elsewhere on this site

See the schedule elsewhere on this site for future dates

All are welcome. No charge

How Writers Forum workshop works

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The following from a regular member of the workshop on 5th October 2010 which is much appreciated:

“Keep it low key.  It needs to be low key.  There are enough poetry slams and showbiz poets already.  You said something a while ago about being ambitious for the poetry not for the poet.  WF represents that as far as I’m concerned.”

Bob Cobbing publications

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
SENSATIONS OF THE RETINA by Bob Cobbing was published “as the 15th number
in the intermediate series if grOnk” by the late bpNichol in October 78

This year No Press of Calgary printed an edition of 40 (the original was
200) following as closely as possible bp’s edition – a series of leaves in
a blue acetate folder… This one is green

I had been thinking of printing it as a conventional pamphlet from WF; but
Derek Beaulieu of No Press was willing to do this much beautifuler edition


LOUISE GATE by Bob Cobbing, a visual poem for the magazine Noise Gate
which published it in 1997. I found it and showed it to Derek who agreed
it deserved to be seen

AND also Dandelion Collaboration by Cobbing and Lawrence Upton

Derek commissioned it from us i.e. he said something like I am editing a
magazine called Dandelion; please make me some collaborative work

We made him 20 images and he used 3 in dandelion 28.2

Then there was a housepress edition (him again) of the whole thing
handbound and numbered 1st May 2003 – 80 copies

Now this edition of 40 from No Presshousepress only survives in
archives now though the editor lives as himself and the editor of no press
and keeps his housepress email

& having said all that, I am not sure what is available of these. I didn’t
want to announce it loudly till I’d seen it. A parcel has gone missing
over the Atlantic and this replacement may well run Derek out. But you
know it exists! They exist.

I was hoping that it had gone by seamail by mistake; but it must be going
by a pretty searoute if so. If it does show up, then I shall have copies
available. Don’t hold any breaths

LOUISE GATE is due to appear from wf in an unlimited edition later this
year or next year  

Re the other 2, I have no immediate plans; but some of it is likely to
figure in the new selected Cobbing in preparation

Feel free to speak to the man – he is pushing out lots of interesting stuff

derek at housepress dot ca