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New publication

Friday, July 29th, 2011


42 pages; A5 paperback; colour cover

Writers Forum 978 1 84254 277 4

is back from the printers and will be launched on 3rd September 2011

It’s £5.00 + carriage; and carriage will be announced next week

It can be ordered from next week


Still in preparation:

Actaeon, afterward by Jeff Harrison


Anagram Gnos by Richard Tipping and Lawrence Upton

More on those when there is something to say!


2010 / 2011

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Writers Forum Workshop met on Saturday 16th July 2011.

That was the last workshop of the season and we convene again 3rd September 2011. All of good will are welcome.

It is hoped that on 3rd September we shall launch Actaeon, afterward our new publication by Jeff Harrison and Unframed pictures by Lawrence Upton.

On Saturday 16th, the publishing experiment phase of Pocket Litter came to an end with the publication of the fourth issue. Lawrence asked if it was wanted to continue publishing and everyone did want to continue. It was acknowledged that it had been burdensome for some to find the time to make and submit work, particularly at the pace set by the editor; on the other hand, it was felt to be a stimulus to make new work.

We came to no conclusion about regularity. It was felt that the frequency of publication that we have achieved has been too great; and, for now, we shall fudge it a little by declaring an ad hoc publication schedule but with deadlines albeit less frequent deadlines!

The next deadline is 15th October 2011, but contributors are encouraged to send in work when and as they are ready.

All were happy with restricting contributions to those who actually attend workshops and those who are published by the press.