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Last workshop 4th Feb / next workshop 18th Feb

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Well, we met, but with some difficulty.  Transport for London was less than helpful in its services and we had weather which I thought was behind us and avoided by cancellation of the first meeting.

But we met; and had left before a Buddy Holly celebration — an idea which in one part of my head (the youthful part) is welcome, but…

The bulk of us headed for Kings X, Farringdon Station being closed as usual in order to enhance our travelling experience; and waited over 30 minutes for a bus. All got home eventually. Why is it that this country can’t cope with bad weather? The spanking brand new London Overground had given up by 9 pm; and yet the snowfall in Greater London really wasn’t that bad at all.

Anyway, we are started on our new year. At least one piece of writing that we heard on Saturday has been nabbed for Pocket Litter; but the next issue is still a little while off.

The Bob Cobbing exhibition at UWE has closed and I am working on the next venue — in fact on two venues of which surely one and perhaps both should come to be. I hope one learns from each event. Certainly each exhibition takes a different approach. That cannot go on for ever, of course; but there is still scope; but Cobbing was a richly varied artist and it is appropriate to show different aspects of his work as I aim to make it available in different places.

My thanks to Sarah Bodman at UWE for all her work.

The next workshop is 18th February 2012, 3:30 for 4 pm at The Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon Road. As always, unless you are very sure of yourself, it is recommended that you go to Kings X and get a #63 bus. It is usually very reliable and it is to be hoped that we are done with snow until next winter.

See you on 18th