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Attendance at workshops

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
We'd like you to attend workshops regularly; but we understand that it is often not
possible. So we ask you to let us know if you will be coming or not. 

Why do we ask you to say if you are coming or not?

We do not want too big a group because it makes things unworkable. On the other hand, 
too small a group is difficult too.
Also, some members of the workshop come from great distance and we do not want 
to waste their time and fare money.
Therefore we ask people to let us know if they can make it; and to let us know 
if they'll miss, with plenty of notice. In that way, we can estimate likely numbers 
and cancel if necessary. That rarely happens. Very rarely.

It is realised that problems arise, illnesses come on suddenly; but it also seems 
that mass disaster of that sort rarely occurs, so that, with good will, it should be 
possible to maintain some balance in attendance, which is not happening at present.