WF Workshop restarts

WF Workshop has restarted, after too long a break. We had a very enjoyable time last Saturday. (8 July 2017)

July / August is often a poor time for the workshop so I am especially pleased. However, the time of year is having some effect and we could benefit from hearing more from you.

The next meeting, which is still on but that based on very few responses, is 22 July 2017. From 3 – 5 pm at King and Queen Foley Street near to Warren Street and to Goodge Street

After that, it’s 12 August 2017. And August has long been worse for attendance and availability than July. At present, there is no time or venue. That is because I have not booked a room. That is because only one other person has said they’re coming. (That could mean anything but I don’t do mind-reading.) The sooner that I hear from people who might want to attend, the more likely it is that we shall be able to book a room. It gets less likely with every day that passes.

After that, we take a break for September.

Talking to others with similar tasks to mine, I find that my inability to get a response is not unique… Likewise the habit of people changing their minds and not saying.

WF Workshop needs to hear from you if you are interested in attending. Let us put you on our mailing list and then we shall be able to tell you of any changes to the schedule

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