14 February 2018 # 1

Dear Friends and colleagues
I apologise for my silence.
I have been quite unwell and have major problems with my laptop.
But I was complacent re wf because I thought I had let you all know the
situation; but, when I went through accumulated emails, I found that the last,
the important one, had bounced…. The system announced my message had
been sent; I logged out; an error message was then sent to my inbox!
The sitcom BlackAdder offers the line: “Life vomits on my duvet again”
I really hope that none of you had a wasted journey. I am very sorry for the
Also apologies to those who wrote inquiring about the meeting and had to
wait and wait for an answer. It does not look good; and I have – I had – tried
to keep up with inquiries
I shall explain in due course. For now I shall just say that a few hours after
confirming our 2018 bookings, only half a year after I asked, the “King and
Queen” pub cancelled the booking in arrogant and insulting terms.
My initial reaction was to give up. I remember I thought of Boxer in Animal
Farm. That may have been over the top.
Then I thought I would try again in a little while
There was a venue recommended to us. I sent an inquiry and thought to wait
for their answer. Then I wrote again. Now I have given up…
It wasn’t in a good location for most of our journeys.
NOW, we have a central location, thanks to work by our colleague Matt
I attach, with this note, details of the new plan. I hope you can attend.

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