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SENSATIONS OF THE RETINA by Bob Cobbing was published “as the 15th number
in the intermediate series if grOnk” by the late bpNichol in October 78

This year No Press of Calgary printed an edition of 40 (the original was
200) following as closely as possible bp’s edition – a series of leaves in
a blue acetate folder… This one is green

I had been thinking of printing it as a conventional pamphlet from WF; but
Derek Beaulieu of No Press was willing to do this much beautifuler edition


LOUISE GATE by Bob Cobbing, a visual poem for the magazine Noise Gate
which published it in 1997. I found it and showed it to Derek who agreed
it deserved to be seen

AND also Dandelion Collaboration by Cobbing and Lawrence Upton

Derek commissioned it from us i.e. he said something like I am editing a
magazine called Dandelion; please make me some collaborative work

We made him 20 images and he used 3 in dandelion 28.2

Then there was a housepress edition (him again) of the whole thing
handbound and numbered 1st May 2003 – 80 copies

Now this edition of 40 from No Presshousepress only survives in
archives now though the editor lives as himself and the editor of no press
and keeps his housepress email

& having said all that, I am not sure what is available of these. I didn’t
want to announce it loudly till I’d seen it. A parcel has gone missing
over the Atlantic and this replacement may well run Derek out. But you
know it exists! They exist.

I was hoping that it had gone by seamail by mistake; but it must be going
by a pretty searoute if so. If it does show up, then I shall have copies
available. Don’t hold any breaths

LOUISE GATE is due to appear from wf in an unlimited edition later this
year or next year  

Re the other 2, I have no immediate plans; but some of it is likely to
figure in the new selected Cobbing in preparation

Feel free to speak to the man – he is pushing out lots of interesting stuff

derek at housepress dot ca

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