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Three posts have just been posted

One reports on the last workshop and announces the next

A second is a letter received by email

A third is a commentary upon that letter

The second and third were held back until it was time to send our newsletter. That has now been sent.

The information is arranged the way it is quite deliberately so that those who have no interest in or really do not want to know about the theft of Writers Forum‘s name do not have to read about it.

Having said that, I hope that you will read it. As Cobbing handed over the workshop in 2002, it was quite clear that he cared about it – then possibly more than his own work: I have written elsewhere that it was the workshop he most cared about. I am sure that he did not make it one of his central concerns for nearly half a century to have it taken over ┬áby those who do not apparently grasp what it is about, who have no right to it and are apparently incapable of making their own arrangements.

I have given quite a lot of my life to it and I intend that it will continue undamaged from now on

Lawrence Upton

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