The first posting on the new wf blog

Welcome to the new Writers Forum blog and website.

The builders are still in.

Briefly, Writers Forum was founded by Bob Cobbing some little time ago.

In 2002, he passed it on to Lawrence Upton and Adrian Clarke. They are still publishing and convening workshops.

There have been websites for wf before, since 2002; but this will be the most ambitious so far. We hope that you will be patient as we get it together.

At first, we want to make sure that our workshop dates are available. And then that some of our publishing activity is listed. By the end of the summer, there will be an internet shop.

Rather than committing ourselves to heavy website maintenance, we hope that this blog will serve to keep you updated, within the limits of what we are able to do. Remember, please, that Writers Forum is not a business, but it is something that we do in what time we have left from other things.

Do not expect immediate replies from us. Sometimes, we may need quite a lot of time before we can reply!

If this goes well, then our website will start to carry archive material; but the blog will carry the bulk of our administrative information.

We wish you well.

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