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Writers Forum Workshop (New Series)

I am one of those for whom this is the first i had heard of it. I’ve now read all of the stuff online that i can access.
It’s a bit like an icky old-fashioned, even old-fashionisti, putsch! so people want a different workshop character (location, organizational ethos . . . or whatever) and have come to think that xxx is not serving their purpose or interests . . . times change and or time to move on etcetera . . .
but I find it extraordinary that there is any need felt to use the same name.
paucity of imagination anybody???
just pick a different name. start something else (no Something Else, that’s already been taken ;=)) spirit of Bob Cobbing, start something different, something that makes a difference cris

On Nov 14, 2010, at 4:56 PM, Chris Goode wrote:

A number of people have already been in touch to say this is the first they’ve heard of any of it. At least I’m not alone in feeling outlooped sometimes.

Lawrence Upton’s account of the story so far can be found at the Writers Forum blog:

I’m not aware of any direct responses from the ‘new’ group in the public domain, partly I suppose  because there is no provision for comments at the WF blog (or, rather, such provision has not been enabled). There is however an open Facebook group for the ‘new series’:

and perhaps others can point to further sources of information and illumination.

It is curious, given that both these pages are in fully open public sight, that I feel like I’m snitching, or intruding on private grief. Can’t help thinking that’s indicative in itself.


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