Re recent posts – ID Theft

There will be some comment in due course on what is being posted; and I think maybe a repositioning of pages here so that this nonsense does not occupy the eye too much.

Briefly, the thing about comments being off  is that it was never intended as a discussion forum. Those exist. I don’t particularly want to moderate discussions; though I am happy to have them and there are many channels for that.

This is a site to tell those interested in Writers Forum what’s going on. When it was initiated at the start of the year, identity theft was not on my mind.

Those responsible for the scam could have communicated. Instead they hide behind phrases like “it was felt that…” – I quote from Stephen Mooney on Facebook recently. What Chris Goode has called “sub-DCMS” (department for culture media and sport – which in itself needs no comment) in a post quoted here

They can’t even write the language they propose to subject to innovation

It’s all very tiresome

Apologies for my poor fork-tongued fellow bipeds


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