WF ID Theft – Correspondence received

Everything about recent events has seemed very strange to me.  Not least that I was kept entirely out of any talk about the creation of a ‘new series’ of Writers Forum despite regularly performing original work at the Betsey and engaging in many discussions with other regulars – in the pub or walking up the road or waiting at the bus stop!

And all of the regulars at the Betsey have my private email too as Adrian Clarke used to send out group emails from time to time without ever masking addresses.  Despite these things no-one sounded me out or dropped a hint or two in an email.  And as no-one from the ‘new series’ talked to me about what was happening I have been forced to speculate as to what their reasons might have been for bypassing me.
1.    I’m not innovative.  Well, an innovation scale would be a difficult one to measure anyone against.  And didn’t someone say something about a democracy?  Was there an undemocratic debate to decide whom to include in the ‘democratic’ debate?  Was a list drawn up of those who are in(novative) and those who are not?  Or perhaps a list based on some other unstated criterion? Who decided? And who decided who decided?
2.    I offer no routes to poetic fame.  This is undoubtedly true.  I’m not a career-driven poet.  Associating with me is unlikely to get anyone a cushy poet-in-residence or editorship of an esteemed poetry magazine.
3.    I’m a woman.  This is undoubtedly true.  I’m not quite ready to jump up and down screaming misogyny but my pointing finger is twitching right now.
4.    I’m from Not-London.  The Midlands in fact.  Perhaps this automatically discounts me from inclusion in anything innovative or interesting.  I mean, it’s not like anything good ever came out of Not-London.
5.    I would have mentioned any ‘issues’ to Lawrence.  This is undoubtedly true.   And that could have caused some problems for the person or persons trying to appropriate the Writers Forum name and reputation.

Those who have abandoned Writers Forum should give themselves an entirely different name; so that there is no confusion; they have no moral right to the name.  And they should stop timing their meetings to clash with Writers Forum.

Tina Bass 25th November 2010

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