Some of you may know that Writers Forum has books in the ICA bookshop on trial — it only came about in the last few days.

This is an important development because it could help us reach customers who would not go near our books otherwise.

They went in last Wednesday, early afternoon.

This is the same ICA whose Education Dept expressed surprise in 2009 that there were not many students around in late July and August; but was jolly interested to know about academic holidays – thanks for telling us. And the same ICA which hung a large Kriwet poem upside down. (They thanked those who told them, but didn’t rehang it.)

Anyway, a friend of Writers Forum went in, found a copy of Bob Cobbing’s “with our tongues” and took it to the sales desk. At the sales desk they refused to sell it because, they said, they did not know the price and took the book off sale.

Presumably they did that with all our titles because the price is on the delivery sheet; so if they can’t read one then they probably can’t read any. So much for the trial. (“But Mister Upton, it hasn’t sold.” — I am guessing, but years of trying to communicate with BT, British Gas, EDF, London Borough of Sutton etc have prepared me)

I am not keen to encourage anyone to buy from a bookshop when they could buy direct, it costs commission; but if you are passing ICA perhaps you could go in and give them a hard time (I’m sorry but we don’t know the price. Yes, you do; it’s bookselling you don’t know)

Quick update – not that anyone has answered about the books – somebody else’s problem. No, it’s a young man, not a fool, a Masters student who went to the ICA on Wednesday who went there and asked for direction to the Notation exhibition which had opened that day.

Don’t know anything about that, they said.

So he walked around and found it himself.

Further update. The bookshop says there must have been a misunderstanding; and that analysis can’t be faulted. It does seem to be more together than the place as a whole and our books are, I believe, still on sale.

If you happen to go in there and have a moment, do check it out for us and say if there’s a problem.

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