Performance at Space, 30th April 2011

At the start of the week, Andrew Spragg wrote on a listserv:

“I was at Space Studios [30th April 2011 […]. It was a splendid performance, with Jennifer Pike Cobbing performing extracts from ABC in Sound, alternating with Lawrence Upton & Benedict Taylor’s performance of a later version of the same [Third ABC in Sound]. It was a great demonstration of the breadth of Cobbing’s work, and Lawrence spoke afterwards about a number of the poems on display in a manner that managed to be both informative and personal.

The exhibition itself runs until the end of the week, I’d definitely recommend people try to see it if they haven’t already”

Quoted with Mr Spragg’s permission

Stocks of ABC in Sound are getting very low and that is the most important and urgent printing job that we have. It will be done as soon as we have enough funding or… as soon as someone offers to subsidise it.

The Third ABC in Sound has been out of print for a decade; and that too is important and urgent to get back into print. It may be possible to make a short run if we can get access to a photocopier in good enough condition; or perhaps an ink jet edition can be managed in the late summer. Ideally, it would be another perfect bound print job; but that requires funds up front.

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