Workshop 7th May 2011

The next workshop is Saturday 7th May 2011. Email reminders went out to regulars on our list a few days ago.

All supporting our aims are welcome.

We meet, as usual, at The Betsey Trotwood at 3:30 pm for a 4 o’clock start. If you are late anyway, better to come in than not; but that half an hour is useful for unexpected delays, recovering from travel stress and having a chat and settling down. Do, please, use it, if you can.

Bring lots of work please. We have a number of notified absences due to holidays and work and performances. So there should be enough time! And do please come if you possibly can. There’s no point otherwise.

If you have a number of things, bring them all, especially if you are unsure of them or haven’t finished them. It’s a workshop and you don’t have to achieve a polished performance.

We hope to publish the second issue of our magazine Pocket Litter which is open to submission from all who attend the workshop.

NB The deadline for the third issue is 28th May 2011; and it is to be hoped that more proposed contributions will be submitted this time.


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