Pocket Litter after the second issue

Pocket Litter magazine is now open to submissions for Issue 3 from anyone who has participated in a wf workshop this calendar year. The deadline for submissions is 28th May 2011.
This is, of course, an experiment to see if there is a long term place in what we do for a frequent unpretentious magazine; and to see if it is sustainable in terms of individuals’ output and in terms of wf resources. And, if we do continue with it, how many issues we want per year.
To conduct the experiment, we need data. Hence the rapid publication. We can resource 5 issues.
It is suggested that we try for around 5 issues over the summer and then discuss it informally. That discussion need not take long and need distract us from the main work of the workshop. If the answers to my questions become clear beforehand, so much the better! But we need to be sure we take account of what all participants think.
Here is the projected schedule:
Pocket Litter 3: deadline 28th May 2011 publication 4th June 2011
Pocket Litter 4: deadline 18th June 2011 publication 25th June 2011
Pocket Litter 5: deadline 9th July 2011 publication 16th July 2011
and, in case we need it, a further issue may be projected:
Pocket Litter 6: deadline 20th Aug 2011 publication 3rd Sep 2011
(Notice the deadline for PL6 is 2 weeks ahead.)
All of this can be changed or revised.

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