Some variations on a theme of Bob

The exhibition of works by Bob Cobbing, Some variations on a theme of Bob at Space Studios in London, has now closed after a little over 6 weeks and is in temporary storage. The idea has been to see if it is possible to stage it or something like it somewhere else. It seemed such a waste, after all the work that I and others put into it, to not make more use of the material by enabling others to see it.

I am pleased to say that this morning, even as we were organising the vehicle to move the items out, agreement in principle was reached to show it elsewhere in UK later this year.

I shall not publish the details yet because nothing is on paper and little is determined; while it seems to me that a bare minimum of courtesy requires that I say “So I shall tell my readers and colleagues?” and the other says “Yes”

I have little or no doubt that we shall get to that point and that the exhibition will take place, enabling others to see it. Furthermore, this is, I hope, not the only gallery to say yes to showing Some variations on a theme of Bob. At least one other venue is actively considering the possibility.

More as soon as possible.

Lawrence Upton

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