Next workshop

The next workshop will be this Saturday coming on 10th March 2012. All on the mailing list have been informed. All welcome.

Two other things.

Firstly, the software which runs this blog has just been updated and the working area (my term) looks like nothing on Earth. Forgive me / us / wf if things go wrong.

Secondly, I have resurrected a few pages from a previous wf website. I don’t know how interesting they are. And inevitably they refer to the mindless time wasting that occurred about 18 months ago.

Anyway they are here

PS I am underwhelmed by the way this system works now; but I imagine I’ll get used to it, just in time for the next change.

Checking my own link, I see that one of the pages is centred when it should not be and the main page has lost its colour. That will be dealt with.

I must go now. There is a loud baby imitating a parrot

See you Saturday


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