Carlos Cociňa — Guest Poet

This is a reminder to you – that we have an extra meeting of Writers Forum Workshop on Saturday.

The Chilean poet Carlos Cociňa will be our guest poet.

That is the beginning and end of it. The focus is upon Carlos and what he and those who come wish to do. Many of our current regulars may not be there, having made plans for the day already.

Nevertheless, I hope it will be an enjoyable day. I expect there will be quite a bit of Spanish spoken!

A new issue of POCKET LITTER will be published. It has been edited by Martin Gubbins and features pages prepared by Carlos together with a performance text by Felipe Cussen in English machine-translation. I shall bring what hard copies I can; but the issue is available by free pdf – just ask.

(The last Pocket Litter is in the post to those who have asked for it.)

I look forward to seeing you there. The next workshop will be 1st September.


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