Peculiar email messages

My apologies to those of you who wrote to a Writers Forum email and got a bounce message from a University of London account. That must have been confusing. I had a message forwarding system in place in the light of the assurance that I had the account I forwarded to for the foreseeable future: all messages went to one “workhorse” account which I thought I had reason to believe was proof against brain dearth. Apologies too to those who knew of that other account, used it and got the same message. If you like getting such gibberish, you can of course write to it as often as you like.
I have not resolved the underlying problem yet. In the words of one of Douglas Adams’ characters, I just do not understand modern business methods. (The woman who said that dies shortly after whereas the person addressed, Arthur Dent, goes on to understand birdsong.)
In lieu of communicating with people for whom English is not a language, I have changed the arrangements. And in future I shall try to be more innovative — I’m sure that’s the answer.
I hope that everyone concerned has had a personal apology; I have tried to trace every event. This message is for anyone I have missed.
I hope that nothing like this happens again.

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