WF in January 2013


Some of you will know that we hoped to present January’s workshop as part of a wider set of events across the whole weekend of 12 and 13th January 2013 in which some of the historically separated practices we have sought to implicate in poetic practice were investigated further by performance, exhibition and discussion, all of which would have crossed silly boundaries and explored the interdisciplinary and collaborative. Much of the spade work has been done by Benedict Taylor and my thanks to him.

We even had a venue.

Unfortunately, as I see it, that venue backed out, preferring not to remove the barriers between practices.

First of all they objected to one of the people we proposed to involve, leaving us to guess at their reason; then we argued in favour of that person being included; then they withdrew the invitation. A year wasted.

Well, a conventional but unverbalised riposte to them and their sleeping imaginations. It’s not the first act of curation I have experienced this year which overrated its own opinion or self-interest.

There will be a workshop on 12th January 2013, Room 268, Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths, University of London




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