Pocket Litter May 2014

Pocket Litter May 2014 guest-edited by Gregorio Fontén was published on 21st May 2014 in hard copy.

At present it is only available as a free pdf featuring work by Anamaria Briede, Gregorio Fonten, Martin Bakero, Martin Gubbins, Kurt Folch, Tomas Browne, Felipe Cussen and Montenegrofisher.

If you wish to be added to the P.L. mailing list and receive a copy of this and future pdf issues, then please email info at wfuk dot org dot uk the sobject heading “Pocket Litter May 2014”

Please also note a considerable number of those already sent have been reported as “undeliverable” and that includes one at least which has been acknowledged by the consignee. Clearly I cannot put any faith in the “undeliverable” report and shall send again in a little while. Apologies if you get it twice

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