last and next meeting

We met for the first time this year last Saturday. Thanks to those who let me know they couldn’t be there. Poor health etc did take some of us, but numbers were functional.

We started the year well, I think.

We had a range of work, very interesting work, and all of it was to some extent truly OF the workshop, work that is not yet finished, work that required learning on the poets’ part and further or different organisation to bring it to a presentable version.

We started though with quite a long discussion about recent events in Paris. That went on for a long time but it seemed appropriate to do so. We, as artists, of all people should be concerned about the violence and special pleading.

And for those of you who have kept up with the news from Saudi Arabia, I urge you if it snows where you are that you go out and make some snowpersons.

The next workshop will be Saturday 7 Feb 2015 Goldsmiths College RHB268 3:30 for 4


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