email problems

Hopefully I don’t need to send a bulk email on this. We’ll see.

Those who are on the wf mailing list, certainly those who were at the last workshop, will know that my personal email at gmail was hacked. HACKED AT GMAIL, I BELIEVE.

I’ve told them but it is against their belief system to believe me.

Those on the mailing list will know that I tend to handle wf correspondence via my own gmail account regardless of which email address what I am replying to came from. (Sorry about that syntax).

Unfortunately, gmail, having allowed me to be hacked and having ignored my complaint, have finally taken note of the hacking and decided that I am at fault so that now bulk emails from my account are blocked.

It takes hours to complain. Literally hours. They make it difficult, I am sure, to discourage complaints.

So I have sent out this week’s age from a different account.

That’s all.

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