Getting to Writers Forum Workshop


Our workshop is currently held at

Room 268 Richard Hoggart Building

Goldsmiths, University of London

New Cross

Stations: New Cross, New Cross Gate, Deptford Bridge

Recommended route to get to New Cross or New Cross Gate from Euston or Kings X: Victoria Line south to Green Park; Jubilee Line to Canada Water; any Overground southbound

Recommended route to get to New Cross or New Cross Gate from Paddington: Bakerloo Line to Baker Street; Jubilee Line to Canada Water; any Overground southbound

From the north of New Cross, the station for New Cross and New Cross Gate is London Bridge. It is also on the tube Northern Line (city branch) and is also on the CapitalConnect line from Bedford and Brighton. You can also get to it from Waterloo East station.


Finding Room 268 Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths, University of London

There are three stations near.

1 New Cross[national rail and Overground (terminus)]

2 New Cross Gate[national rail and Overground]]

3 Deptford Bridge [DLR]

All are on or near New Cross Road (A2)

1 from New Cross station, which is actually on a road called Amersham Vale – right out of the station, right at New Cross Rd, which is a few yards away. Follow the road till Lewisham Way (A20) sweeps in from the left –pub on the promontory. Get to the other side of the road USING CROSSINGS PLEASE and everything on that side is Goldsmiths. Richard Hoggart building is up the hill a bit on the right. If you have to ask, ask for Richard Hoggart Building. You shouldn’t have to.

2 from New Cross Gate station – right out of the station and then immediately left to cross the road (New Cross Road) and then follow on that side the road back, past Deptford Town Hall, past Laurie Grove and then on and very soon you are where you would have been had you come from New Cross

3 From Deptford Bridge station – walk down from the station – the raised track crosses New Cross Road at a right angle until you are on New Cross Road. Then walk left. Very soon you will come to opposite New Cross Station, on the other side of the road, and from there follow as in (1). NB Amersham Way meete New Cross Road from the left. You have to cross Amersham Way anyway USING CROSSINGS PLEASE; but you can, if you are feeling even mildly adventurous, go up Amersham Vale and follow it round to the right. In no time at all you will find yourself facing Richard Hoggart Building across Lewisham Way (A20). Do, however, be careful. These roads are lethal. Use the crossings and follow their instructions. Assume the drivers are irresponsible. Assume they will not obey the law until they do.


The really difficult part may be getting to the room from the main door. The staff at the front door can really be very helpful so don’t hesitate to ask them. Ask for Room 268.

Otherwise, go through the front doors and turn right before the The Great Hall. (You’ll see double doors with a big hall behind!) Turn left at the corner, ninety degrees, and go down the long corridor –pretty well all the way. You’ll go past the student union shop; and“Loafers” cafe which may be open; and toilets; and a bank and cash machine. That’s the practical stuff.

Keep going. Before the very end of the corridor, take the last right (through double door) and go most of the way down it. You’ll go past the Electronic Music Studio on your left. Near the end, a staircase starts on the left. Please take it – do not go DOWN the stairs –and follow it up and round to the second floor – “The Music Corridor”; and one of the rooms is 268. (It does say “The Music Dept” but only at one end, the other end; but it may be helpful it is called that if you try asking for directions.



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