E-mailing list

We have found that our existing email list is inadequate and we ask you to cooperate with a revised system.

We take great care with our mailings and do not just spam send. That creates work.

We believe it is possible to separate people who wish to come to the workshop and those who are interested in our publishing because  be sure that if you join the first list, we will let you know about our publications!

It will help us if we do not have to send workshop reminders to those who are never going to come to the workshop.

If you want to come to the workshop, please email us on workshopmailing@wfuk.org.uk to be added to that mailing list

If you are interested in our publishing, please email us on booksmailing@wfuk.org.uk

Those who are on the previous general purpose list can remain there for the present

So that’s workshopmailing@wfuk.org.uk or booksmailing@wfuk.org.uk

Other enquiries to info@wfuk.org.uk

No unsolicited mss by email please

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