Donations to Writers Forum

We welcome donations. Money is needed to keep things running — postage, phone, fares, stationery, printing. If no one pays for it, then Writers Forum will fold.

Over and above that, we need money to pay for publications.

Often these are quite humble in production terms and the greater cost can be met in freely-given labour. Some books, however, can be quite costly to produce and that rather assumes that we receive substantial donations.

The ideal substantial donation comes without strings; but we are happy to discuss with you your financing — in part or in whole — of a specific project.

You may donate anonymously if you wish; that is up to you. The main thing from the point of view of Writers Forum is that you do! Contact us on upton at wfuk dot org dot uk

Sincere thanks to all who make donations to keep wf going

MORE DONATIONS WELCOME from anyone who can afford to do so

16th June 2016

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