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Until recently, there had been two Writers Forum magazines: Kroklok and And. Now there are three.

Kroklok ran for 4 issues in a small space of time and was done by the mid 1970s. The decision to kill it off, i.e. to not have Kroklok 5, was taken early in the new century.

It has been Writers Forum policy for over four years to bring all issues back into print and so far we have the second issue. See: http://lawrenceupton.org/kroklok2.html

A number of people have asked about And magazine; and these brief notes are offered to answer at least some of those questions before they are asked again.

And magazine, retrospectively a publication of Writers Forum, first appeared in 1954. The second edition was 1961 and the third was 1963. That was the year that Writers Forum became a separate entity as a workshop and publisher. Throughout, Bob Cobbing was an editor. And appeared infrequently and irregularly.

Copies of those early magazines still show up from time to time. They can be expensive.

From 1994 until Cobbing’s death in 2002, Adrian Clarke and Bob Cobbing edited And.

In the autumn of 2009, Adrian, as the co-organiser with me of Writers Forum (appointed, like me, by Cobbing), asked if I agreed to another issue of And; and I did.

It was not, for me, a priority; but if Adrian wanted to do it, that was fine; it was, after all, a Writers Forum serial et cetera. He did not mention money and so I assume(d) that he was financing it.

He also asked if I was agreeable to Ulli Freer being the co-editor. That was a peculiar or an unexpected choice as Ulli had not participated in Writers Forum Workshop for years, except occasionally, sometimes arriving for a few minutes and then leaving without saying anything; but I did not object.

It was implicitly and explicitly understood and agreed that this issue of And would be published on 10th July 2010, the final workshop of 2009 / 2010 and one in which we celebrated Jennifer Pike, and, oddly, one that was also, when it came to it, the subject of an attempted administrative take over by malcontents. About which I have already written.

Quite recently, 26th February 2011, at the workshop, someone recalled how impossible it became that day with more and more people arriving, the heat increasing, interrupting at all times because they had been told that was ok by someone without the authority to do so; and little attempt at workshopping.

So it goes; but, apart from a few surreptitious handings out of contributors’ copies by Mr Clarke and a presentation of a copy to Jennifer, to whom it was dedicated, there was no publication; and no one at Writers Forum has been offered the chance to buy a copy since.

That is peculiar.

Had Adrian come to me and said that he couldn’t bear to work with me any more and thought he was entitled to take And with him then I would almost certainly have agreed to him taking it. I say almost certainly because it would depend on how that was said; but that’s the only issue.

I do not agree that he is entitled to it; but I would have let it happen.

As it stands, however, there is no agreement.

I think that everyone tried to be affable that day; but the oddness of the behaviour over And was unpleasant.

Writers Forum has some copies of some Ands; and they will shortly be advertised on our list. Sometimes we know where copies are to be bought.
So, do ask. We cannot help with the latest issue due to the decision-making of my ex-WF partner; but it may turn out that we have copies of the Cobbing-Clarke Ands. There were, at one time, multiple copies of the old assembling issue, And 5; but it seemed from something said last year that now there are few or none. I don’t know what happened there because none have been sold. Adrian Clarke had charge of the stock. I do not propose to bother about it. If I can help you, I shall help you; but it may be impossible.

Whatever we have will be offered for sale over the coming months.

And now there is Pocket Litter. Pocket Litter 1 was published in April 2011; Pocket Litter 2 in May 2011; Pocket Litter 3 in June 2011. The first two carried quite extensive editorials in which I try to explain WF’s editorial policy.

As and when the issues go out of print, the editorials will be published on the website. Things evolve, but, as it stands, submissions are sought only from attendees at the workshop.

It is hoped that you will buy the magazine – see our publications list.

Pocket Litter 4 was published on 16th July 2011. The editorial largely concerns the theft of our name by chancers. (It was not written for PL but it seemed to use it there.)

The methodology of Pocket Litter has changed somewhat. Please see the post about 16th July 2011. Basically, we are aiming for less frequent publication.

Anyone who is attendng the workshops or who is published by wf from now on is invited to submit work. If that includes you, please do participate.


Lawrence Upton

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