SUBMISSIONS to Writers Forum

Please send, with s.a.e. / i.r.c., to Writers Forum, 32 Downside Road, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5HP
All the obvious warnings apply, including about keeping a copy of whatever you send. We take no responsibility for anything which is lost no matter how much it is our fault. Keep a copy. And if you have to send that, keep a copy. Apply this rule to all editors.

Please do not send anything by email without checking with us first. And do not send single poems, for instance; we publish entire publications though they may be quite small.

Having said that, we shall consider whatever you send. You can help us and really participate in the consideration by making sure that you know the kind of work that we might be interested in. After all, you are the audience for these publications.


Please do not ask for criticism of or commentary on your writing.

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