Getting in contact with Writers Forum

We are very easy to make contact with, although do not expect to get an immediate response; but the best way of doing it depends on what you want to say or ask.

You’ll find a separate page about our mailing list. There is one if you want to be updated from time to time; and there is one if you intend coming to the workshop and want to be reminded.

If you want to ask something else, write to info at

Please do not invite any of our emails to be your friend on Facebook. We are not friends with Facebook. We dislike Facebook. Facebook claims to have deleted our pages and then, now and then, sends a message saying Welcome back!

You can keep up with Writers Forum via our mailing list

You can keep up with our director, Lawrence Upton, on artslant, at MySpace or by visiting his web site at

Facebook invitations are ignored.





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